Membership in JCANS is open to anyone of Jamaican, other Caribbean, or non-Caribbean heritage who is willing to support the mission of JCANS.

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Rules and Regulations

1. The Jamaica Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS) Festival Song Competition is open to Jamaican Nationals and Children of Jamaican Nationals residing in Nova Scotia. Entrants should be 18 years and older.

2. Each entry must include:

  1. Completed entry form with signature submitted via email
  2. Uploaded Audio File containing one (1) song only, four (4) minutes or less in duration.
  3. Typed Lyric Sheet
  4. Non-refundable entry fee of Fifty Canadian Dollars (C$30.00)

3. The song may be based on any subject but should be one that can rally the Jamaican diaspora, stir a spirit of togetherness, is inspirational and engenders national pride, and the music must be of Jamaican Rhythms. In addition, the song should be one that is memorable and should be able to stimulate the audience to sing along and/or to dance to its catchy beat.

 4. All entries submitted must be unpublished, original songs and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any other rights of a third party. The Entrant warrants that the entry is an original song and Entrants shall by entering, indemnify and hold the JCANS harmless against any claims inconsistent with the foregoing. Songs with lyrics that are deemed to be indecent, derogatory, discriminatory, or libellous will be rejected.

5. JCANS reserves the right to decide the method of selecting the winning song and reserves the right to reject any or all entries submitted.

6. There will be an elimination process to determine the five (5) songs moving on to the Live Stage. JCANS will determine the best method to choose the FINALISTS. Entrants for the songs so selected will be notified of their selection by e-mail and/or telephone. A maximum of five (5) songs will be selected as finalists.

8. Entrants should not participate in any other song competition running concurrently with JCANS Independence Celebrations.

9. Finalists shall make themselves available, for all promotional activities and LIVE SHOW, details of which will be provided in advance.

10. The songwriter, in agreement with JCANS, reserves the right to choose the performer of the entry.

11. Performers may be individuals or groups not exceeding four (4) in numbers.

12. The winner of the Competition will be announced at the Grand Final Show or shortly thereafter.

13. The winning song from the top FIVE FINALISTS will be determined by the public audience at JCANS 2022 “Jamaica 60th Celebrations.

14. Cash Prizes will only be awarded for the winning song and will be awarded to the Singer and the Songwriter.

15. The entrant agrees to release, indemnify, and hold the JCANS, its sponsors and judges, harmless from liability, damages, or claims for loss of property, in whole or part, directly or indirectly, arising from participation in the Jamaica Festival Song Competition.

16. Any Entrant and /or any of his/her agents whose behaviour is of such that will bring the Jamaica Festival Song or JCANS into disrepute will be disqualified.

17. By entering the Jamaica Festival Song Competition, entrants agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of the JCANS which are final and binding in all matters. Entrants also agree to be bound by all terms of these official JCANS Rules and Regulations as established herein.

18. All creatives in the top ten FINALISTS (Singer, Songwriter and Producer) will be required to sign the Jamaica Festival Song Competition DECLARATION FORM 20. Employees of the JCDC and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter.



Membership in JCANS is open to anyone of Jamaican, other Caribbean, or non-Caribbean heritage who is willing to support the mission of JCANS.

We invite you to join us and become a member! Simply fill out this form and submit (*required).  Thank you!





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